Tuesday, January 25, 2005


The Democrat's fascination with their image reflected in the MSM reminds me of the evil Queen and her magic mirror in Disney’s animated movie SNOW WHITE.

Each day the Queen would stand before the mirror and ask “Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of all?” And the mirror would answer, “You are.” And the Queen would be happy the rest of the day.

But, one morning the Queen asked the mirror the same question and said, “Snow White is the fairest of all.” In a fit of rage the Queen broke the magic mirror and plotted a scheme to destroy Snow White.

The same could be said for the Democrats today. Since the 60's the Democrats have adored their image in the *magic mirror* of the MainStream Media. Together the liberal journalists and liberal Democrats benefited politically from the mutual admiration society they created by dominating the public dissemination of the news.

However, all that changed in the early 90's with the explosion of conservative talk radio and the rapid expansion into American homes of the information through the cable and the Internet. Suddenly the magic mirror of the MainStream Media wasn't the only source of information for the public.