Saturday, October 02, 2004


I just had the pleasure of watching Lee Strobel's new TV talk show, Faith Under Fire, on the PAX network. Nationally know Christian author, pastor and evangelist, Lee Strobel, is the host of the new program and one of his guests was our own mega-blogger Hugh Hewitt. The focus of the show is to contrast the biblical worldview with the relativistic worldview of our so-called "popular culture." Lee moderated debaters on three contemporary topics: the growing intolerance toward people of faith, euthanasia, and the politics of faith. Great show!

I'm a long-time fan of Lee Strobel after reading his extremely popular book, The Case For Christ. I was privileged to meet Lee when he spoke at the 2004 Spring Banquet of the Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC. I serve as the Director of Development for the Seminary while I study for a MA in Christian Apologetics. Apologetics means to "give a defense". It is critically important that the biblical worldview be promoted in the marketplace of ideas.


I knew it was coming. Kerry had spent too much time Thursday night posturing about his plan to win the War on Terror. Time was way overdue for him to toss his peacenik base a bone. And what was the biggest bone he could think of? Da BOMB. It was the most emotion I've seen in Kerry since he lied about his searing Cambodian experience. My liberal buddy watching the debate said it was the moment when he knew in his heart of hearts that Kerry would be elected. Kerry obviously scored points with the anti-war wachos who hate America first.

Friday, October 01, 2004


I've heard a lot of snickering today about Scalia's remarks about orgies. I snickered a bit myself at his attempt at humor. I know most liberals can't imagine there is such a thing as compassionate conservative jokes, and I'm not sure Judge Scalia's contribution has helped.

What Scalia was really referring to was the issue of a national morality. More and more the Supremes are becoming the High Priests of the Secular Religion in America. It appears the old liberal mantra "you can't legislate morality" had finally been proven bogus. The truth is "who's morality is going to be legislated?" Judge Scalia wisely answered:
"'It is blindingly clear judges have no greater capacity than the rest of us to determine what is moral,' Scalia said."
I agree. Our nation's history over the last 100 years has proven that when morality is left to a committee decision, the standard of judgement will always default to the lowest common denominator.


It looks like Kerry's plan for the Iranian mullahs was obsolete even before he brought it up last night in the debate:

Jerusalem Post/AP -- National Security Adviser Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland was quoted Monday by the Maariv daily as saying Iran will reach the "point of no return" in its nuclear weapons program by November, rather than next year as Israeli military officials said earlier.

The lunatics running the Iranian asylum will soon have the capacity to take terrorism to new heights. Let's see, which makes me feel safer, Kerry's proposed Middle Eastern committee meeting or Bush's War on Terror?


"It's hard work." I admit I was frustrated last night when Bush kept saying how hard the work is of fighting terrorism. We get it, W! Then it dawned on me. Kerry hasn't done a day of hard work in his life! He has spent his life sitting on his assets--or those of his wives--rather than actually making a living the old fashioned way--working. For example, where was Bush yesterday afternoon? Visiting with the Florida hurricane victims. Where was Kerry? Getting a manicure. Bush digs stumps and cuts brush in the Texas heat for fun. Kerry plays with his rich boy's toys. Bush produces, Kerry plays. For Bush the Presidency has been no picnic. For Kerry, it would be just one more government job.


I guess it's the Fog of Debate. I get upset when President Bush doesn't say what I think he ought to say. It happened again last night--like when Kerry slow pitched the threat of nuclear proliferation for Bush to knock out of the park. That was a perfect opportunity for the President to deconstruct Kerry's plan to give nuclear fuel to Iran, which happens to be the same bit of brilliant strategy that backfired on Clinton in North Korea. The President took a good swing at it, but he only got to first base.


NewsMax reports there may have been something to the "connection" Kerry made with the debate audience, particularly Jim Lehrer, the moderator.
At the end of the debate, the PBS anchorman shook Sen. Kerry's hand - with some debate watchers claiming he gave the top Democrat a knowing wink. There was no contact between Bush and Lehrer after the debate had ended.

Ahhh, the MSM continues to play fast and loose with "objectivity".

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


As a follower of Jesus, I believe His teachings about being salt and light in this world is a mandate to seek to influence the cultures in which we live. Now that is a huge area of discussion for a future blog, but I believe the short answer is I must take the time to study and research the important issues of my culture and to seek to response to them as Jesus would have 2000 years ago.

Well, providentially, Dr. John Ankerberg has done just that in a recent report comparing the platforms of the two main political parties in the US. In addition Dr. Ankerberg has given his analysis of the Christian worldview in comparison to the Republican and the Democrat worldviews. It is a fairly detailed analysis, but I recommend you read the entire report. Then be sure to register to vote. It is tragic that only 50% of American Evangelical Christians actually vote. It we don't tell the Truth, who will?

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Some say that Bush is dummer than a stump because he can't speak the Queen's English properly. I mean he obviously must not know a tater from a potato since he can't seem to get the pronunciation of nuclear right. I mean, he's driving the liberals and other anal types crazy by saying nu-cul-ar rather than nu-cle-ar.

Well, guess what? That's the way I say it too! It's a fact that for over 30 years my one and only squeeze has tried to get me to say it the "proper" way. Now, this is coming from a gal from ol' Virginny, where they really talk funny when they talk about having a mouse in the house.

Anyway, over at Polipundit one of the posters [an obviously brilliant SOS (Son of the South)] gave the link to the Merrian-Websters Online dictionary with a audio file of acceptable pronunciations of nuclear. Guess what? Yep. It seems most Southerns, Brits, and Canadians say nuclear just like W--and the Queen! Yes! There is a God in heaven!

Needless to say that I bookmarked that link to share with My Lady at the opportune moment.